Fire & Water

This mod is made with 3/4″ L type copper, Electro etched chines fire and water symbols along with a small dragon. I used the chip out of a busted up SID mod. Hand cut acrylic window for the led. The top cap was made with 3 layers of copper to incorporate the FatDaddy 510 connector. The connectors come in either a single piece or with an outer ring. There is a notch cut out in the 510 connector that a little nub on the outer ring fits into. I used copper in place of the outer ring, carved out my own nub to prevent the connector form turning and to allow everything to sit flush, It was challenge : ) More pics @

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The beast 200w dual 26650 box mod by Maximum Vapors with an authentic Enigma RDA. Maximum Vapors brass wide bore drip tip. Juice is Cloud Wizard “Cumulus”

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